Markus Schaub, born 1960 in Laufenburg, Switzerland, lives and works in Zurich. 

Since 2017 he has been working on the photo series Love Affair.  
2009 Master of Advance Studies, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts/FHZ Communication Management
2007 CAS, Institute for Applied Media Science ZHW, Business Communication
1999 Diploma in Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts, ZhdK 

2017 "Imagination" Competition, Zurich, (1st round) 
2016 "CRISTALL" competition, art in building, dormitory, Basel, (1st round) 
2014 "SIGNS" Art in Architecture, Erlenmatt Schoolhouse, Basel, (2nd place) 
2012 "Fontaine" Art in public space, Basel, (2nd round) 
2011 "Tree House Tree" Art in Construction, Vocational School, Basel, (2nd round) 
2011 "Bricolo" Art in Architecture, Brunnmatt Schoolhouse, Basel, (2nd round) 
2010 "colorstage", art in public space, Johannesburg, RSA (2nd round) 
2010 "Riff" art project, Mythenquai competition, Zurich (1st round) 
2008 Art on Building "o.T." Extension Werkhof, City of Baden 
2008 "4x3D2D" Art on Building, Federal Social Court, Kassel, (1st round) 
2007 "Fields" Art in Construction, Gewerbeschule, Basel, (2nd round)) 
2006 "5parks" art in the park for the Dreispitzareal, Basel, (1st prize) 
2006 Art on Building "o.T." Lighting Seeplatz, Wädenswil 
2006 "24 hours", art in public space, Basel, (2nd round) 
2005 "multiple" installation, groups, Kunsthalle Zurich 
2005 "LUME" competition, video work, vocational school Aarau, (1st prize) 
2004 "blue-green" art in construction, Fischer architects, Zurich (2nd round) 
2003 "Wave", art in public space, Basel, (2nd round) 
2003 "O.T." Competition Limmatquai, with ASP, Zurich, (2nd round) 
2002/2003 "Diplomatic Suitcase" International exhibition concept for the DFA, NewYork, Sidney, Barcelona, Stockholm, Genoa, Beijing
2002 Art on building "o.T." art on building, Werkhof Schadenmühleplatz, Baden 
2002 "waves" at the HGKK, Bern 
2001 "good by" competition, Antifascism Memorial, Salzburg, (1st round) 
2001 "O.T." installation, positions - large art exhibition, Haus der Kunst, Munich
2000 Federal Competition for Free Art, Basel (2nd round) 
2000 "final eden" Eden Garage, Zurich 
2000 "lights" light projection, KVA Hagenau, Basel, (1st prize) 
1999 Art Scholarship of the Canton of Zurich (Prize) 
1999 Art on building "o.T." Art on Building, Sihlhallenstrasse, Zurich 
1999 "shooting stars", Swiss Institute New York 
1998 "Simultan Ateliers" refreshment room, Lucerne, 
1997 "Poussin Tower" Bosch sponsorship prize exhibition, municipal gallery, Stuttgart 

2008 / 09 Member of the jury - Art on Building, new Cantonal Hospital Zug
2008 Jury member - art in public space, art credit of the city of Basel
2007 Member of the jury - Art Prize / Promotion Prize, City of Zug

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